What is the best way for a beginner to make a bracelet using beads?

For a beginner the easiest way to start with bracelet making is to do a stretch elastic beaded bracelet. This will give you confidence and teach you a few things along the way. The best thing to do is to buy some beads that you like and some clear jewellers elastic. Remember the smaller the bead the fiddlier and more difficult it is. Somewhere around 5 mm beads upwards are best as they are easier to hold and thread yourself using your fingers. Keep it simple at first and just thread the whole bracelet in the same bead, don’t try to run before you can walk as you will miss out on the natural learning and development.

So, you are ready, you have some beads and some jewellers elastic proportionately sized to those beads. Make sure you use plenty of the stretch elastic so you are not struggling to knot at the end. You need about 55 to 60 cm to give you freedom to work, this will become less as you become better. Tie a couple of knots on top of each other at one end to stop the beads falling off as you work. Thread all the beads onto the elastic until you feel you have enough to make your bracelet then try it on your wrist until it is about the correct size.

Now it is the tricky bit and time to tie the knot without making the beads bunch up because you have pulled it too tight, or be too loose it needs the Goldilocks treatment here and needs to be ‘just right’. This will probably take you a couple of bracelets to improve but just use your gut and go for it, you can’t go too wrong and if you do, they can easily be done again on a new piece of elastic. So tie a knot and then tie another on top. Try to remember to do each knot in the opposite way so if the first knot is left over right do the secod knot as right over left, hope that makes sense. Now, the trick of hiding the knot is to get some clear glue or nail varnish and put a tiny spot onto the knot and slide it into a bead. This should keep it in place and keep your knot hidden. Good luck and this basic bracelet should very quickly give you the confidence and the skills to add your own style and ideas!

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