About Us

Okay, so what do we want you to know about us?  Well, first of all we should tell you about how it all began.  A long, long time ago we went through a lot of traumas trying to start a family.  We grew a lot, both as individuals and as a couple.  Part of what kept us going was the blinkered belief that if everything and everyone is chilled and happy then good things will happen.  Oh and also, our mantra at that time, 'We don't need a miracle, we just need it to go our way'! 

So.... what's all that got to do with Off The Wall Accessories we can hear you muttering to yourselves - we know you are doing that because we would be too!  Mainly the strength and love we gained from our experience underpins who we are as a company.  The fact is we believe very strongly that the secret to a happy life is to feel fulfilled emotionally and that people should work to live, not the other way round.  We also enjoy the chilled out boho, hippy feel to life, yes, including crystals and 'smell to get well' potions and having that 'off the wall vibe' - you can see where this is going can't you... Anyway this is getting very long for which we apologise!  We are a family business - yes, we did eventually have an amazing daughter twelve years ago, AKA Jazz, and because of this we have a very tight control on everything we do, even down to Jazz helping out occasionally by testing out our latest finds.  We want every purchase made and every item unwrapped to make at least one person feel like they are having a chilled and happy 'off the wall' vibes kind of day and for that piece to bring them pleasure for a long time.  If not we want to know about it so we can put it right - oh, and actually we want to know about it if it's great too so it can give us that 'off the wall' type of happy.

Hopefully this gives you some insight into the backstage area of Off The Wall Accessories.  We're so glad you found our website and hope you like what you see, and remember, if you don't like what you see, tell us so we can try and find things you do like.  Follow us on Facebook and/or Instagram and spread the word so more people can #get those off the wall vibes, take care everyone.