General FAQs

Where do you get all your lovely things from?

From the early days as travelling students the dream was always to make our own jewellery.  We work with crafts people from 'all corners' of the globe to bring you the best that we can find, whether that is locally or overseas, in terms of quality and ethics.  We are proud to contribute to communities globally to enable traditional methods and crafts to be continued.  We also make some of our pieces ourselves, in particular the beaded and leather bracelets. 

So as you can see, there isn't a simple answer to that, some of it we make ourselves, but mostly, it is simply 'from everywhere'.

If I want something bigger or smaller can you customise it for me?

Yes, some of our items can be made to order and therefore made slightly larger or smaller than stated.  

What happens if I buy a beaded bracelet and the elastic snaps?

We offer a repair service for our handmade elasticated thread jewellery. Obviously if it hasn't had a lot of wear then this will be free of charge.  If you have enjoyed lots of wear and it is simply a wear and tear situation then we make a small charge and charge for postage.  If you're not sure the best thing to do is get in touch.